Accounting & Bookkeeping

The objective is to let you run and grow your business without having to focus on the accounting details. We concentrate on such areas as, data integrity, paying bills, entering and tracking invoices, account reconciliations, accounting for and paying taxes, running financial reports and complying with standard accounting principles.

As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we make sure strict accounting compliance is maintained throughout the process. As such, you will have peace of mind knowing that your books are in great shape and audit ready at all times. We will be your accountant and will work with you to make sure your comfort level is achieved so that you can concentrate on what you do best, running you business.


Dynamic accounting Solutions to Boost Results 

  • System Review & QuickBooks Online Setup: Review of current financial system infrastructure and setup of QuickBooks Online with chart of accounts to specific to your small business along with third party applications integration. Review of accounts receivables, accounts payables, payroll, banks reconciliations, sales & payroll tax reporting, balance sheet accounts reconciliation and month-end close procedure.  
  • Reports design for your specific small business: Financial information is one of the main drivers of good decision making. We will put together reporting packages on a period-end basis to accomplish these objectives. 
  • Compliance & Audit Ready Books: With financial systems in place, coupled with proper accounting procedures, efficiencies will be achieved. This will free you up to concentrate on growing your business.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that we, as QuickBooks ProAdvisors, have implement accounting system and procedures, specific designed reporting packages and will continue to provide financial expertise that will reduce risk and the need for additional dedicated full time accounting staff.

Management & Financial Reporting

Small Businesses have to move beyond the basic accounting and bookkeeping in financial decision making process. At the period end financial reports, such as balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow are produced. These reports are presented in a comparative format coupled with other analytics to promote strategic decision making.

Additional use of reporting tools integrated within QuickBooks to produce specialized reports such as cash flow, budget and data analytics to make better financial decisions. This will take the guesswork out of the process and ultimately reduce risk.  


Providing the essential financial information you need analyze performance

  • Period-End Financial Reports: Review of QuickBooks and other application generated financial reports. Production of comprehensive reporting package using various sources to achieve overall dynamic view of your small business. Review of current state of your business with an eye on future growth.   
  • Budget Analysis: Comparative analysis of financial information is one of the main driver of good decision making. Revenue and expense trends will be focused on as drivers of efficiences. Analysis of current versus budgeted figures.
  • Financial Analytics & Custom Reporting: Use of QuickBooks and third party applications to produce and present financial data in graphical format.  

Tax Preparation & Planning

Earning great returns and growing your business is fundamental. But how much of those returns you keep is crucial to the business survival. We focus on the tax structure of the small business, the nature of business, and tax implications of transactions the business engages. 

The use of QuickBooks Online and the integration of Intuit ProConnect Tax Online, form a great solution in addressing issues relating to taxes for your company. The seamless flow of information from your QuickBooks Online into ProConnect Tax saves time and reduce errors, which results in more time for better analysis and great decision making. 


Tax & Compliance Solutions for Your Business’ Success

  • Returns & Company Structure: Review of past & current Tax Returns in order to determine correctness with company structure. This is with the view that all available tax advantages are being used to the benefit of your company with respect to federal and state tax laws. This may include but not limit to, accounting method, cash vs accrual, depreciation method and proper use of tax credits. Review, completion and analysis of financial statements including the year-end adjusted Trial Balance.  
  • Review of QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts: We review the chart of account in QuickBooks Online in order to correctly map accounts with ProConnect Tax Online to provide smooth flow of information from the year-end adjusted Trial Balance. We also review and analyze of Sales and Payroll taxes and filing requirements with regard to data integrity and compliance.  
  • Tax Compliance & Audit Readiness: With the combination of QuickBooks Online and the integration of ProConnect Tax Online in place, coupled with proper accounting procedures, tax compliance and audit readiness objectives will be achieved.